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Job Type

Volunteer - Flexible hours



About the Role

Job Description:

We are looking for passionate individuals with creative writing skills to join our team as Blog Contributors. As a Blog Contributor, you will have the opportunity to share educational content and opinions on mental health in today's landscape. You will have the freedom to choose your topics and submit articles for approval at your convenience.


Write engaging and informative articles on mental health topics
Conduct research and cite credible sources
Use creative approaches to discuss mental health issues and trends
Collaborate with editors and other contributors to refine content
Meet deadlines and deliver high-quality content consistently


Strong writing skills with a creative flair
Passion for mental health advocacy and education
Ability to work independently and manage deadlines effectively
Knowledge of mental health issues and current trends
Previous blogging or writing experience is a plus


Flexible schedule: Write and submit articles at your convenience
Creative freedom: Choose your topics and express your opinions
Opportunity to make a difference: Educate and raise awareness about mental health
Join a supportive community: Collaborate with like-minded individuals passionate about mental health

If you are passionate about mental health and want to use your writing skills to make a difference, we would love to hear from you. Submit your application today to become a Blog Contributor!


Some things we're looking for:

  1. Passion for mental health: Demonstrated interest and passion for mental health, accessibility, and social well-being.

  2. Excellent writing skills: Ability to write clear, engaging, and informative content.

  3. Research skills: Ability to conduct independent research and cite credible sources.

  4. Creativity: Ability to come up with original ideas and perspectives.

  5. Collaboration: Willingness to work with editors and other contributors to refine content.

About the Company

IONS is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to ensuring that all applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status. We value diversity and inclusion and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.

Become a contributor

Join our community of mental health advocates and writers! If you're passionate about mental health, accessibility, and social well-being, we invite you to become a blog contributor. Share your insights, stories, and expertise to help us create a more inclusive and informed space for mental health discussions.

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