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IONS Mental Health (IONS Group Ltd) is a global platform that connects individuals to vital support and services. Collaborating closely with organizations, we extend their reach and bridge the gap between people and essential resources.

We offer help with identifying the type of support that best fits your needs, promoting self-reflection and self-understanding, and preparing you to make the first step towards accessing services and getting the help you deserve.


Through consultations and reviews, we’ll build your mental health profile and support you in accessing your choice of provider.​​​ 

Our inception arose from the urgent need to address a worldwide mental health crisis.


Our unwavering focus lies in enhancing accessibility, guided by a person-centered approach in all our endeavors.


When discussing mental health, addressing the roots becomes paramount for healing and recovery. This process demands time, effort, and the right support.


Our mission is to ensure that no one “falls through the cracks” of mental health care. We provide continuous support, advocacy, and coping mechanisms throughout our clients’ healing journeys. 


At IONS Mental Health, we are redefining the concept of support. Rather than relying on a mere “band-aid” on the problem and wait until the next bleed, we champion a sustainable, holistic, and inclusive approach to care.



service accessibility is key to a positive experience, everyone deserves support

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focus on efficacy and efficiency of approaches and adapt it to the specific needs of the individual


you are a unique individual and the expert on your experience

Trauma Responsive

beyond being informed by trauma, responsiveness to trauma means meeting you where you are to move towards your goals in a sustainable way

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Community facing

people are part of a wider socio-cultural context and network

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